Georgia Drunk Driving Prevention

We all bear the responsibility of DUI prevention. This is especially true for people when they choose to consume alcoholic beverages away from home. As adults, we all have the duty to drink responsibly. This responsibility protects not only our own safety but the safety of other motorists as well.

How to Avoid a DUI

The best way to avoid a DUI is to have a plan in place before you begin drinking. When you make your plans for the evening, your plans should include a safe way for you to get home. If you’re planning to drink alcohol, you should plan to have someone other than yourself to drive you home safely. If you do not have someone in your group who is willing not to drink and serve as the designated driver, then you should consider other options. You might be able to find a friend or family member who will agree to pick you up and drive you home. Alternatively, you can pay a taxi to take you home.

The Cost of a DUI

The cost of paying a taxi to drive you home safely after you’ve been drinking is cheap in comparison to the cost of a DUI. If you think you can’t afford cab fare, the cost of a DUI will put a much larger dent in your finances. Not only does a DUI carry fines and penalties, you will also be faced with a steep increase in your automobile insurance premiums. You will also likely have to bear the cost of an alcohol treatment program as well as a fee to have your driver’s license reinstated. Additionally, depending upon the circumstances of your case, you could be required to pay to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your car.

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